Geospatial Corporation x Carnegie Mellon University

This short is a part of a larger event coverage project where our client supported an educational engagement and inquiry into 3-D underground mapping and sensing technologies with Carnegie Mellon University's Frank Ratchye Studio for Creative Inquiry. From the event coverage filming, we were able to develop an array of video assets to be used for marketing and business development purposes across multiple digital channels.   

Full Version

Geospatial Corporation was invited to participate in Carnegie Mellon University's "Experimental Capture" course. Geospatial is a 3-D Mapping & Technology company that specializes in geospatial data acquisition to locate and map buried infrastructure.  Professor Golan Levin invited Geospatial to educate and demonstrate Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology on campus for use in a student project. This video, contracted by Geospatial, serves both Carnegie Mellon and Geospatial Corporation.

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